Emotion Mask »

design, fashion, electrical engineering, fabrication

Allows wearer to express feelings through color using a sculptural glove with embedded tactile flex sensors. Exhibited at Boston Fashion Week. Custom circuitry and microcontroller embedded in glove.

3D Printer Queue

software engineering, fabrication, embedded systems

Self-contained fabrication station. Users wirelessly upload designs, which are intelligently queued and printed. Available printing resources are managed efficiently. Users get part ETA within seconds.

Assistive Guitar Device

design, accessibility, mechatronics

Designed for a specific musician whose chronic repetitive stress injuries made guitar unsafe. Amplifies directional force in each finger to help a musician play more safely.


robotics, electrical engineering, control theory

Follows chosen path while rotating so houseplants on all sides get optimal light. Uses omniwheels and phototransistor array to plan future motion. Custom motor controller enables simultaneous arbitrary linear motion and rotation.

Falafel Cart

mechnical engineering, branding, visual design

Serves donut-shaped falafel to students. Designed and manufactured falafel press, which forms falafel in a unique new shape. Always crispy, never soggy. Unique branding attracted customers. Folding laser-cut packaging keeps filling neat.

Folding Heel

mechanical engineering, fabrication, parametric design

Collapsible high heel shoe transforms from elegant 4" lift to comfortable, train-safe flat. 3D-printed, reinforced frame with invisble hinges maintain a low profile. Pictured without straps.