This page tells you a rough overview of what I'm currently working on and how busy I am.

How busy am I?

  • Spring 2020: moderate-to-high commitment, available for limited new projects
  • Summer 2020: available and seeking internship // consulting projects


Currently at Olin College of Engineering studying design & computation. My major is in Human-Centered Product Design. Sample courses: Data Structures & Algorithms, Design for Manufacturing, Software Systems, User-Oriented Collaborative Design, Quantitative Engineering Analysis, Creativity Practicum.

Spring Courses

  • Six Books that Changed the World
  • Science Fiction and Historical Context
  • Grand Challenge Scholars Program
  • Context and Consequences
  • Sustainable Design
  • Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship

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I organize PInT, Olin's Public Interest Technology Clinic. I also direct the PInT Fellowship (opens new window), which placed three students at the public interest organizations they are passionate about last summer. This summer, we're expanding to five students!

Olin '22 Class Rep

I represent my class at CORe, the council of Olin representatives. This means listening to my classmates' concerns, raising them with the right people, and spending class funds.

OPEN Leadership

I'm a leadership member of OPEN, an Olin club that supports a safe and supportive environment for LGBTQ people and allies.

Taboo Club

I'm co-president of Taboo, an Olin club which promote consent, sex positivity, and sex ed at Olin.