This page tells you a rough overview of what I'm currently working on.


Currently at Olin College of Engineering studying design & computation. Current courses:

  • Software Design
  • Software Systems
  • Neurotechnology, Brains and Machines
  • User-Oriented Collaborative Design


I'm a teaching assistant for Quantitative Engineering Analysis, a project-based course at Olin that covers integrated linear algebra, physics and vector calculus for engineering students.


I organize PInT, Olin's Public Interest Technology Clinic. I also direct the PInT Fellowship, which will place three students at public interest organizations they're passionate about this summer.

Zine Club

I founded and help run zine club, which creates hand-bound creative works like books and magazines.

Taboo Club

I'm co-president of Taboo, an Olin club which promote sex positivity and awareness at Olin.

OPEN Leadership

I'm a leadership member of OPEN, an Olin club that supports a safe and supportive environment for LGBTQ people and allies.