This page tells you a rough overview of what I'm currently working on and how busy I am.

How busy am I?

  • Summer 2020: full-time busy, available only for weekend consulting projects and similar.
  • Fall 2021: studying at Olin College, moderate availability.


Currently at Olin College of Engineering studying design & computation. My major is in Human-Centered Product Design. Sample courses: Data Structures & Algorithms, Design for Manufacturing, Software Systems, User-Oriented Collaborative Design, Quantitative Engineering Analysis, Creativity Practicum.

Tentative Fall '21 Courses

  • Machine Learning
  • Fundamentals of Machine Shop Operations
  • Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship Capstone
  • Tell the Story of What You Make

Spring Courses

  • Six Books that Changed the World
  • Grand Challenge Scholars Program
  • Context and Consequences
  • Sustainable Design
  • Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship

Full courses list →


I organize PInT, Olin's Public Interest Technology Clinic. I also direct the PInT Fellowship (opens new window), which placed three students at the public interest organizations they are passionate about last summer. This summer, we've expanded to five students!